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Talent Planning 2021: 4 opportunities for talent managers to rebuild better

An enlightening guide about the dilemma's and opportunities for talent managers in 2021.

There is no doubt 2020 was a challenging year for many talent managers

Many teams had to let go of growth ambitions, scale back or deal with budget uncertainty and overall short term thinking. But at the same time: Covid has proven to be a great accelerator of digital innovation. And it has made digital an even bigger priority in the boardroom. So what will 2021 bring for those talent managers? How can talent managers seize the opportunities that this specific point in time presents us with? How can we rebuild & grow our internal teams stronger, more flexible and more cost-effective than before?

Post-Covid: digital comes out on top

For those who had not seen the memo yet, COVID-19 has pushed companies over the technology tipping point. Both on how companies interact with customers and how companies work internally: the events of 2020 transformed businesses forever. And has put the urgency to deliver digital business value at the front and centre of each post-Covid strategy.

Vital learning from earlier crises

Although the future is always uncertain, it’s quite clear already that your team’s goals this year will be all about building a bigger & better digital capability. And while you set out to do so, vital learnings from earlier crises should prove one simple point:
Research shows that organizations which experimented with investing in digital technologies & talent during the recession of 2007/2008 never regretted it.

‘‘Companies that kept a through-cycle mindset during rough times turned out to be the best positioned to accelerate out of the downturn.’

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