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How talent planning can shape your company's culture

A practical guide for identifying which culture is right for your business.

The business value of culture

‘It turns out: culture really does eat strategy for breakfast’

It might well be one of the most used wisdoms in business: no business strategy in the world can be successful without the right work-culture supporting it. We all know this to be true from our own experience: teams that share strong cultural bonds and shared habits tend to get results that other less strong teams simply don’t.

Culture: so much more than a ping pong table

Although we all see the importance of shaping strong cultures, at the same ‘Culture’ is quite an intangible concept, prone to superficial definitions and misconceptions. Sure, ping pong tables, friday afternoon drinks or birthday celebrations are important. And sure, you have a poster hanging on a wall stating your ‘corporate values’ (that probably nobody can remember). Truly shaping an effective and strong culture simply goes deeper than that.

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