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Our talent program for digital expertise

'Getting things done' with the best trained UX/UI talents

How it works

Jungle Guilds closely works together with digital agency Jungle Minds. At Jungle Minds, several seniors will be the coaches or mentors of the talents. Jungle Guilds shares the clubhouse with Jungle Minds.

They follow a talent development program and are at the same time immediately deployable at organisations, 4 days a week. They are T-shaped, have strong communication skills and are equipped with the ability to immediately work at full capacity in an in-house digital team.

Agency mindset: professional skills that every pro needs

Get things done mentality

Always take the initiative to move forward, challenge the status quo and get things done.

Broad cross-functional skills

In-depth expertise and full understanding of related digital specialties.

Team-oriented, business-driven

We only hire great communicators who can collaborate and delve into business challenges.

Overview of our program

A Visual Designer in front of a sticky notes wall

UX/UI Design

Mentor -Maiken van Vliet
Q1Flows Scrolling Contrast & Colour
Q2Patterns Loading Mobile
Q3Structure Navigation Forms
Q4Validation Buttons & Icons Content

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