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We are the talent planning partner that helps you grow your business

Anything from replacing one employee to building an inhouse team long term. We offer a flexible group of services that can fit your needs, your way.

Right now

Freelance experts

When you need experts right now

12,5% fee on hourly rates

The best Senior digital experts in the market

Direct in place. Able to make immediate impact.

Extreme flexible

Detavast talents

If you want to grow, short term, and be ready long term

€ 1.920 - € 2.400 p./w.

We take care of intense mentoring

Contract flexibility per quarter

Free take over on your payroll after 1 year

Detavast experts

When you want to build long term

€ 2.560 - € 3.400 p./w.

Secondment period of 6 - 12 months

No take-over fees after secondment period

Strong focus on cultural ‘soft skill’ match

Long term

Short term

We have a large network (2000+) of the best Sr freelance digital experts in the market with years of experience. 

Selected on their absolute top-notch skills and their ability to really make a difference for your business, from the day they start (agency mindset).

Flexible, independent, immediately deployable, and 100% transparent.

Medium term

Our detavast talents are driven professionals with 1-5 years experience. They get ongoing agency training by senior experts 1 full day per week.

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to hire super talented junior and medior professionals who can also be taken over for free.

How it works:

Together we create a solid talent plan for your business objectives. We'll translate business goals and decide on the required levels of expertise. We'll make a list of requirements on technical and personal skills. All detavast professionals will be trained and mentored via this plan and requirement list, for at least one year (depending on experience). After one year you have the possibility to permanently take over our talent on your payroll. Free of charge!

Long term

On average, 20% of all candidates resign within the first 3 months. And through traditional recruitment, you pay a hefty amount in fees during the hiring process. We do not charge you fees up to 35% of an annual salary for a candidate. 

You can really get to know each other through our secondment period of 6 - 12 months. After this period you can take over the expert, free of charge. 

With 20 years of experience, we truly understand the digital challenges. With our in-depth screening and selection process, you will get the best senior digital experts for your challenge.

We zijn volledig transparant en flexibel

  • Freelance experts

    Super flexibel

    12,5% op uurtarief

  • Detavast talents

    Contract flexibiliteit per kwartaal

    € 1.920 - € 2.400 p./w.

  • Detavast experts

    6 - 12 maanden detachering, kosteloze overname

    € 2.560 - € 3.400 p./w.

How we support you

Strategic partner

We help you with the experts and talents you truly need. With our 20 years of digital agency experience, we deliver on business needs. We understand better than anyone that in-house teams not only need the right skillsets, but also talent and the right match of personality and mentality.

Ongoing process

We are a true colleague for our clients and we will guide and mentor our detavast talents during the whole period. We help our clients to grow and improve via a custom-made talent plan based on business needs. Via this plan we will help digital teams grow long-term with a fully balanced team of senior experts and fresh motivated talent.

In depth screening

With our agency experience we truly understand the digital challenges. With our in depth screening and selection process you will get the best digital experts for your challenge. Selected with a strong focus on cultural  ‘soft skill’ match.

Open environment

What you see is what you get. We truly believe in flexibility , transparency and most of all, fairness!