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Your talent planning partner

We help you grow with inhouse product management, design, development and marketing professionals.

Right now

Freelance experts

When you need experts right now

Detavast talents

When you want to grow short term and build long term

Detavast experts

When you want to build long term

Long term

Not another recruitment agency

We deliver agency mentored talent

Our Detavast talents is continuously mentored. They are selected for their attitude and skills. They come back every week to share their experiences and sharpen up.

We focus on you and your business, not on placements

We do not blindly try to push people in. We actively engage in a discussion about what your business and your culture needs. We talk plan first, talent second.

We are completely transparent. Really!

We do not like hidden fees, tariffs or terms. So we expect you don’t either. That’s why we stick to one universal set of rates that you will know upfront.

Our teams of professionals

We zijn volledig transparant en flexibel

  • Freelance experts

    Super flexibel

    12,5% op uurtarief

  • Detavast talents

    Contract flexibiliteit per kwartaal

    € 1.920 - € 2.400 p./w.

  • Detavast experts

    6 - 12 maanden detachering, kosteloze overname

    € 2.560 - € 3.400 p./w.

Some of our partnerships

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